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Getting ready to write

Learning to write is about a lot more than learning one’s letters and how to put them together into words. It’s also about MUSCLES. Yes, you heard that right: I said MUSCLES. Young children need to develop the muscles needed to hold a crayon or pencil before they can write properly. Fine motor skills! Those little … Continue reading

Puppets! An Early Literacy Tool

I love puppets. I am fortunate enough to have a nice collection of puppets to use in my children’s librarian work, and the kids I get to share them with really enjoy interacting with them. Puppets are a GREAT early literacy skills builder: In my experience, children often interact with puppets in a different way … Continue reading

Every Child Ready to Read

READ. TALK. SING. WRITE. PLAY. 5 little words that pack a BIG punch when it comes to early literacy learning. These are the 5 practices that the Every Child Ready to Read curriculum recommends parents engage in with their young children in order to encourage early literacy skills learning. When I present early literacy information … Continue reading